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Dingell Statement on US Airstrikes in Syria

TRENTON, MIU.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) released the following statement on last night’s U.S. airstrikes in Syria.

 “This week’s horrific chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Syrian government left at least 70 innocent men, women and children dead. This brutal assault was the latest in a long series of atrocities carried out by the Assad regime against its own people. The U.S. and the international community have a moral responsibility to seek a solution that ends the violence and helps the Syrian people escape this terror. To watch innocent men, women and children die is unacceptable.

“Last night’s airstrike was in response to the brutal chemical attack against the Syrian people. It is my strong belief that if the President intends to escalate the U.S. military’s involvement in Syria, he must come to Congress for an Authorization for Use of Military Force. The Constitution requires it. We must develop a comprehensive strategy, in partnership with our allies around the world, that ends the conflict in Syria in a way that restores stability, provides a safe haven to those fleeing the violence, and protects our brave men in women in uniform.”


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Congressman Dan Kildee on Military Strikes in Syria

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