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Over a five-day period, Ayofemi finally watched ESPN’s Oscar-winning documentary O.J. Simpson: Made in America.

In the second episode, her mind was blown when camera footage of an African-American teenage girl and a South Korean store owner was replayed multiple times. In the footage, the two of them are going back and forth over the store counter. As the teenage girl turns to walk out, the employee picks up a gun and shoots her in the back of the head, Point-blank. The girl’s head jerks forward and she falls. End scene.

Latasha Harlins was her name and she was only fifteen years old and carried a $2 carton of Orange Juice.

The audio quality is unclear but please listen as closely as you can:

The Los Angeles Times also covered Latasha Harlins Story with . UCLA historian Brenda E. Stevenson, in the “Patt Morrison Asks” column, where she talked about her 2013 book, “The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins.”

Fast forward to today.

Over the past week I’ve seen two videos of store employees violently restraining, kicking, and choking young black women for the suspected theft of items with a likely value of less than $10. The facts of both these situations are blurry, but the majority of stories I’m reading state that neither women actually stole anything at all. Either way, nothing justifies the abusive and violent treatment they have received by beauty-store staff.–Ayofemi

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