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Tip #8 “Health is Wealth”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure definition. “

Benjamin Franklin made this quote popular with regards to avoiding starting fires 🔥. 
This quote has been associated with Health and now I’m applying it to finance. 
By saving a little money 💰 now, you won’t have hit the panic button later. For most of us there is no “easy” button for retirement like the one associated with Staples.
You have to create your ability to live the easy life.
How do you train an Elephant?
When the Elephant is just a calf  🐘 , you place a rope on its legs to limit its movement. As the Elephant grows stronger, you place chains on its legs and by the time it reaches full strength, you simply remove the chains.
Many of us live our lives in a box, staying within the borders, afraid to even look outside the lines.
Wealth is being created as we speak and will continue to transfer hands. 
Make sure it’s your hands that are on the receiving end.
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