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District 11 Constituents Hang Banners Ridiculing Representative David Trott AKA #ChickenTrott

Auburn Hills, Michigan – Rep. Dave Trott AKA #ChickenTrott continues to elude his constituents. To get his attention, District 11 constituents hung several banners earlier today over I-75, highlighting that Representative Trott has not held a public meeting with residents in 683 days. Constituents have repeatedly tried meeting requests through the normal channels, but with no success.

Natalie Sidor, a District 11 resident, called on Rep. Trott to face his constituents, “With all members of Congress heading home for recess, now is the time for Representative Trott to stop being a chicken and meet with us. We’d like share our healthcare stories with him and express to him our concerns about the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act as well as attacks on Medicaid and Medicare.”

Constituents to deliver ACA Valentines to Rep. Dave Trott

In order to remind the Congressman about their meeting request, constituents have displayed several large banners over Northbound I-75 at the Clinton River Footbridge in Auburn Hills, including a large image of a chicken and the hashtag #ChickenTrott.

During a protest event on February 14th, Rep. Trott’s staff repeatedly told constituents that they did not know Representative Trott’s schedule. However, news broke that he had previously planned a trip to India during this congressional recess.

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