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Michigan Advocates Release Report on the Cost of ACA Repeal

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MICHIGAN- Repealing the ACA will eliminate health care for 887,000 people in Michigan, and will come with substantial human and economic costs for jobs, the state budget, and hospitals. Michigan People’s Campaign has released a report: “A Cost Too High: The Financial Harm of the Republican Plan to Eliminate Health Care,” which has Michigan-specific data on the impact of ACA repeal, Medicaid funding reductions, and Medicare privatization.

Here are audio recordings of Michigan residents sharing the data and stories about how ACA repeal could impact their families, and what we recommend instead.

Joyce Peralta shares: “My niece Tamsin is 2 years old. She has a serious illness called tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). She seemed to be a perfectly healthy baby until at about 9 months old she started having seizures. TSC causes tumors to grow in her body. She has tumors in her heart, brain and skin. She needs a lot of medical care, and will need care for the rest of her life. She has a pre-existing condition, and if the ACA is repealed, it may prevent her from receiving coverage. None of the Republican plans will work to protect her health care.”

Eliminating the Affordable Care Act will cost Michigan residents dearly when it comes to jobs, the state budget, the stability of hospitals, and family finances. These economic costs will add to the severe human cost of depriving so many Michigan residents of health care. Instead of eliminating health coverage by repealing the ACA, Congress should:

  • Expand coverage to ensure that everyone in Michigan gets the health care they need

  • Ensure affordability of care through public investment and price reduction

  • Reduce drug and health insurance corporations’ profiteering and control of our health care system

  • Open access for all to Medicare to provide an alternative to private health insurance corporations

This report was commissioned by Health Care For America Now, PICO, Center for Popular Democracy, and the national organization of which Michigan People’s Campaign is an affiliate: People’s Action.

A copy of the report is attached and can be accessed by clicking here.


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