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Community Organizers will initiate a “Pack the Courtroom” initiative in solidarity with Jessie Murray, who was indicted for defending himself against attackers.

 The Family of Jessie Murray, The Coalition for Justice & Police Accountability, and Community Members

What: “Pack the Courtroom” Initiative

Where: “Pack the Courtroom” will be held at the Clayton County Justice Center. 9151 Tara Blvd. Jonesboro, GA 30238 Room Number – 404 (Judge Albert Collier)

Why: To bring attention to the possible conflicts of interest that are apparent in Jessie Murray’s case, considering the relationships of witnesses and investigative team to the deceased, and to hold officials accountable in upholding Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law, which was adopted into Georgia’s legislature in 2006.

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1)  Jessie Murray was attacked by several inebriated white males on February 16, 2014. For protection, he ran to his car and retrieved his gun. It was placed in his right pocket.

2)  A group of attackers came outside of bar where Nathan Adams attempted to wrestle Jessie Murray to the ground and while in the scuffle, Murray’s gun went off, struck and killed Adams.

3)  Another attacker shot four times at Murray, but Murray was the only person arrested on site and taken into custody.

4)  All witnesses on site knew the deceased and have orchestrated false accounts of what took place that night. One off duty officer exclaimed to Murray, “We’re going to fry your black a**!”

About the Coalition for Justice & Police Accountability: CJPA was started by several organizations and community leaders who felt the strong need to build an alliance to seek justice for citizens and hold police and  elected officials accountable. Member Organizations Include: NAACP Clayton County, NAN, Revolutionary Moms Club, Let Us Make Man, The Smith Group, Sankofa United Church of Christ, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, National Coalition to Combat Police Terrorism, FTP Movement, Oakhurst Baptist Church and Save Our Selves. For more information on how to get involved, email us: cfjandpa@gmail.com

Although the initiative has passed please continue to support the cause #PackTheCourtroom

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