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It may be early in the NBA but there are already plenty of rookies making themselves known such as Michael Carter-Williams, Victor Oladipo and that’s just to name a few. Then you have certain rookies who are struggling right now such as Anthony Bennett but again it’s early. So there is no reason to write anyone off as a bust or as upcoming legend yet.

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Nonetheless, there are always a few rookies that get lost in the fold and I am here to bring your attention to three rookies in particular.

Vitor Faverani of the Boston Celtics

Many people aren’t aware of Faverani, mainly because he is from overseas and not many people watch the Boston Celtics right now but if your smart you will start watching the Celtics. While Faverani is only averaging 6 points and 6 rebounds per game, there is no doubt he has the potential to be double-double guy in the NBA. This Brazilian product at 6-foot-11 is very long and athletic and he definitely knows how to spread the floor. He can be used in the post and has a soft touch around the rim then you add that with his nice 3-point stroke and you have yourself a versatile scorer.

Faverani isn’t all about scoring either, he is also a good rebounder and shot blocker. While he has performed well this season, there is no doubt he is still developing his game. He is still learning how to play in the NBA but this is a young man full of potential and I think Boston and head coach Brad Stevens may be able to bring it out of him. Only time will tell if he will be a sixth man or start for the Celtics but no matter his role, he will have an impact.

Tim Hardaway Jr of the New York Knicks

We all know the Knicks are off to a horrible start this season but there is one bright spot out of their struggles and that bright spot is rookie guard Tim Hardaway Jr. He is only averaging eight points a game but he is still making an impact. In the Knicks last three games, he averaged 10 points per game, making 10-of-18 of his shots along with knocking down 5-of-7 from behind the arc.

The Knicks may be in disarray right now but no matter what happens this season, Hardaway Jr. has the potential to be a bright spot for this team long after this season, possibly as a starter or sixth man. As the season goes on, I look for him to play more at shooting guard and once he does, he can grow and flourish. He has good size and athleticism. He has great form and an all around nice jump shot which he can shoot by creating space for himself or running off screens, he just needs to be more consistent. Don’t forget that this young man can play above the rim. He is very athletic and has no problem throwing down a dunk, he just doesn’t show it often in the half-court.

Nate Wolters of the Milwaukee Bucks

Since Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis left many fans don’t pay attention the Bucks. While the Bucks did lose two talented players in Jennings and Ellis, I must admit they grabbed a nice point guard when they drafted Nate Wolters of South Dakota State. Now for the record, his success doesn’t surprise me, because I watched him grow while he was at SDSU. Nonetheless, he is having an impact with the Bucks and a very versatile impact I might add. He is currently averaging eight points, five assists and three rebounds a game coming off the bench. While his shooting percentage has been horrible, he has shown the ability to create for his teammates, be a nice game manager and score when needed.

When you talk about Wolters, you have to know he is big guard at 6-foot-5. He is a very crafty play-maker and always make a point to pass the ball on time and on target. He’s not very fast but he has the ability to break down defenders and get to the rim and finish or create for others. He needs to work on consistently knocking down his jump shot but I believe that will come over time. He may not be starting right now but I think as he grows and becomes a better player, he will flourish as a legit NBA point guard.

While these three players may not be consistently in the starting line-up every game, there is no doubt that they all have potential and they aren’t the only ones. As I mentioned earlier, it’s still early in the NBA season, so you have plenty of rookies flourishing and struggling early. Nonetheless, it’s still early to make bust predictions but if I were you, I would keep an eye out for the three young men I mentioned above.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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