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186859851Perhaps at no other time in recent memory, have the elections in the city of Detroit been as critical as they are at this very moment. There’s been a lot said about Detroit’s economic recovery. Much has been made of the filing of bankruptcy of the city of Detroit, by the Governor of the State of Michigan. Citizens within our city borders seem to have no democratic rights that others are constitutionally bound to respect. Yet amidst these realities, we stand here today to encourage and declare that the right to vote must be upheld. It must be exercised if we are to continue to progress as a city and to be respected as a people. It is the best of times and it is the worst of times. But most certainly it is still the time to vote. We have heard it all. We are aware of the challenges that we face in Detroit and we do believe of this phase that “this too shall pass”. We as citizens of this great city must demonstrate by our vote that we still believe in democracy. We must demonstrate by our vote that we are citizens and people, who demand respect, and who are a vital part of this region and our nation’s destiny. We ain’t going nowhere. Detroit, to stay at home whether rain, snow, sunshine or clouds, is to surrender the very essence of what it means to be a citizen. We have sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears in the past. We must also not now sacrifice our children, and our children’s’ children in the future. This election is not over. The polls do not determine the measure of the impact of a people who make the ultimate decision. For it is the people who will demonstrate the final poll as they cast their votes on election day. It is the treasure of your vote that will determine the real value of your quality of life.


Every Detroiter must get up, get out, and exercise this right. For this right has been earned by human sacrifice, maintained by human perseverance, and guaranteed by the vigilance of an active people. If your concerns are better neighborhood services, you must go vote. If your concern is participation in the economic development in our city, you must go vote. If your concern is safe neighborhoods for you and your children, you must go vote. If your concern is jobs, pension, and retirement, then you must go vote. If your concern is being a vital part of the decision making in the city of Detroit, rather than being restricted to a specific section of the city of Detroit, then you must go vote. Finally, if your concern in protecting your democratic right and regaining democracy in the city of Detroit, then you must go vote.  Your vote is your voice. Your vote is your right. Your vote is your power. Do not surrender it, for it was too hard for us all to win it. On Tuesday, November 5th, Take Your Soles to the Polls and Vote!


For more information on the Detroit Branch NAACP please call (313) 871-2087 or visit www.detroitnaacp.org

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