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What the Tigers Must Do To Win Game 6

Everyone has heard the saying, “Its Win or Go Home” well in this case that saying applies to the Detroit Tigers. Entering Game 6, the Tigers are down 3-2 to the Boston Red Sox and they are truly in a win or go home situation. Some believe they can take this series to seven games, some believe they will fall in Game 6. I believe the Tigers are capable of winning this crucial game 6 but only if they follow these crucial steps.

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Pitching has answered the call mostly all series for the Tigers. Pitcher Max Scherzer will start for Game 6 and if they have any chance of competing in this game, they will need Scherzer to play at high level. While I have the most confidence in Scherzer’s ability to play lights out, I do believe he will need the Tigers bullpen to help him stay on a high level.

Tigers went cold again in Game 5 and were unable to stay with better bats of the Red Sox. However in Game 6, the Tigers will be go up against pitcher Clay Buchholz, in Game 2, Tigers hitters exposed Buchholz, scoring five runs and knocking him out of the game. Although he didn’t have the best success in Game 2, that no reason to underestimate him. For Tigers to succeed at bat, I look to see Austin Jackson and Miguel Cabera step up. Jackson has performed well since being moved to the no. 8 spot and the Tigers need him to continue to step up. Even though Miguel Cabera isn’t a 100% healthy, I still look to him as a key seeing as his only home run in this series was in Game 2 against Buchholz. I look forward to seeing if he can catch a groove again against Buchholz. Overall the goal should be to frustrate Boston’s bullpen and tire out those relievers.

Jose Iglesias is another player to watch in this game, he continues to do good things at shortstop for the Tigers and they will need him to continue playing at a high level. While the Tigers will need his defensive prowess, I also hope to see him do what he did in Game 5 which included scoring the Tigers last run in the seventh inning. If Iglesias can continue his great play at shortstop and make a play or two at the bats, Tigers look good to win this game.

The other area to watch is Tigers catcher Alex Avila who will play in Game 6 according to multiple reports. However, I look to see how he will play after being banged up in Game 5.

Most fans feel Torri Hunter said it best when asked what do you do when your down 3-2, he answered “You fight,” Hunter said after the Tigers’ 4-3 loss to the Red Sox in Game 5.”That’s what we’re gonna do. That’s what Tigers do. Our backs are against the wall, we can’t go left, we can’t go right. We’re gonna fight through. I like being down 3-2. It feels good.”

Powerful words and I’m sure the Tigers as a team feel the same way but when it comes to the Tigers, actions speak louder than words. Tune into Game 6 of the Tigers and Red Sox series on FOX at 8pm.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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