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Ndamukong Suh

It must be something about Ndamukong Suh because the Detroit Lions defensive tackle was reportedly fined $31, 500 for his hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden in week 6. Now keep in mind the play at the time was not flagged but ultimately the NFL went back and looked over it and felt Suh should be fine.

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Now, I am not one to say that Suh doesn’t have his faults because he does and I definitely feel in the past, he has made a point to make reckless plays and deserved to be fined by the NFL for those reckless plays. However in this I case, I feel he did nothing wrong. There was nothing wrong with his hit on Brandon Weeden in week 6. Suh’s helmet did not make contact with Weeden’s helmet, if you go back and look at the play, Suh’s helmet makes impact with Weeden’s chest. While Suh’s hit was a very physical hit, it wasn’t a hit that should have been fined.

This is an honest case of Suh being a marked man and the NFL over analyzing every big hit he makes but that’s no excuse to fine him for making a legit hard-hitting tackle.

This was not a case of roughing the passer, he made a timely hit. As I said earlier, he did not create helmet to helmet contact, actually his helmet made impact with Weeden’s chest. Now some said he was fined because he used his head, I disagree. He may have used his head to start the impact but he used his arms and strength to take Weeden to the grown. The hit was just a case of Suh making a very fierce brutal tackle but it wasn’t an illegal hit or a dirty play. I feel in this particular case, the NFL is using Ndamukong Suh as a poster boy for “Dirty Play.” Once again, I am not saying that Suh hasn’t shown at times to be a dirty player because he has, whether it was stomping Evan Dietrich-Smith or making a low knee block on Sullivan but this is not a case of him being a dirty player.

While I do have some sympathy for Suh in this situation, I can only have so much. Mainly because Suh put himself in this situation with all his reckless plays in the past. I’m not saying it’s right but I’m sorry, we all know Roger Goodell is a couple of steps away from turning the NFL into a flag football league. However, players can no longer use that as an excuse, you know what league you are in and you know they will fine you for certain hits, so all you can do is beware and do your best to play physical and hard without getting fined. Some players are able to and others aren’t but moving forward no one player should be singled out as the NFL poster boy of Dirty Play even Ndamukong Suh.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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