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The Impact of Brandon Jennings Injury

NBA pre-season is still underway and although it’s only preseason, NBA players are already going down with injuries, one of them being Detroit Piston point guard Brandon Jennings. It was first reported by Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press on Twitter, that the Detroit Pistons announced that Brandon Jennings would be out at least three weeks with an impacted wisdom tooth and hairline fracture of mandible at the base of the tooth.

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Now obviously, Jennings won’t miss the entire season with this injury, but he is expected to be absent for the start of the regular season, which has a lot of Piston fans wondering how the Pistons will be affected without him in the lineup to start the season.

The Pistons have other point guards at their disposal to take the lead while Jennings is out, one of those point guards happen to be veteran point guard Chauncey Billups. He may be getting older but he is still someone you can count on to fill the void if needed. He offers experience and the ability to shoot the three exceptionally well. The main thing you worry about with Billups is will he do a good job of creating for others, since he isn’t know to be a creator but I could say the same thing about Brandon Jennings.

Then you also have Will Bynum who you can call on. Now Bynum isn’t exactly a dream come true seeing he isn’t a consistent shooter or creator but he can get the job done for the most part. A wildcard to throw out there is rookie Peyton Siva who the Pistons drafted 56th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft. There has been questions as far if Siva will even make the roster because Pistons have so many guards but if he continues to do well during pre-season, he might be able to make the roster. As I said, he is a wildcard, but he is another possible point guard you could throw into the fold but more than likely it will be put on Billups and Bynum.

Now there are some concerns with Jennings missing the start of the 2013-14 NBA season and the rest of the pre-season. Unfortunately now he won’t get a chance to continue getting comfortable with his new teammates. Pistons made some major changes this off-season, so that means you need your key players to have good chemistry and you need your point guard to definitely have great chemistry with everybody.

Especially when you’re talking about Brandon Jennings, mainly because he isn’t known as a creator, he is a score first point guard which is not what the Pistons are looking for. Of course they want him to score but they also want him to create for his teammates. Now it may sound easy but there are some key things that go into being a creator. It’s not just about passing the ball or being flashy when you pass, you have to know where your teammates like the ball, what your teammates hot spots are, come up with signals for screens and alley-oops. Now he can study these things on film or even on the bench but there is nothing like being out there and learning it first hand.

Overall, I am not to concerned about him missing the start of the season, I am more concerned with whether he is the right fit for this Piston team. Some say he is a great fit, others say he is a horrible fit and others don’t know what to think. I believe he has the potential to be top a 10 point guard in the NBA, if he learns how to create for others, become a more efficient scorer and leader. Time will tell but for now I am wishing him a timely recovery and looking forward to seeing him on the court.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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