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Meet the New Detroit Lion: Dorin Dickerson

Detroit Lions may have won this past Sunday against the Cleveland Browns but that didn’t stop them from making some changes. On Monday, the Detroit Lions waived wide receiver Patrick Edwards, which honestly wasn’t a surprised. When it comes to Edwards, he hasn’t been a consistent piece which is what the Lions need, he’s either hurt, dropping passes or unable to get open. All three are unacceptable, so the Lions released him and signed free agent wide receiver/tight end Dorin Dickerson.

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Now many people aren’t aware of who Dorin Dickerson is, so I am here to give you some info and break down what he can possibly bring to the Detroit Lions.

Dickerson played for the University Pittsburgh, where he played multiple positions. Early in his college career, he played wide receiver and was even a return man. Then later on in his junior year at Pittsburgh he was moved to tight end. He finished his career at Pittsburgh with 63 receptions, 12 touchdowns and 708 receiving yards. Although he was undersized as a tight end at 6’1, he was drafted by the Houston Texans in the 7th round of the 2010 NFL Draft. However since being drafted he hasn’t been able to find a stable home. He played for the Houston Texans and was later picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots but was only able to make their practice squad. Then last season he was signed to the Buffalo Bulls and while he did play, he didn’t make much of a impact, only recording 9 receptions for 117 receiving yards.

Now while he may not sound much like a catch, there is a opportunity for him to make a name for himself with the Lions and there are things to like about him. He has good speed, at the 2010 NFL combine he ran a 4.40 in the 40-yard dash. He’s also known to have good hands and the ability to jump up and make good plays in the air. Also offers yards after the catch, which is always a plus.

The biggest thing I worry about with Dickerson is his ability to block, particularly on the line scrimmage, since he is undersized at the tight end. He can be an exceptional blocker at the wide receiver position but at the tight end position, he is a liability due to his size. He doesn’t have the best foot work either but he is fluid enough when running routes.

Overall, I think the Detroit Lions would be smart to play Dickerson at wide receiver, although he is very versatile, he is built to play receiver. At the end of the day, Lions aren’t looking for him to be the next big thing, they are looking for him to be a consistent target unlike Patrick Edwards who was released.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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