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Ira Todd

Mr. Kevin Orr:

I’d like to know if you recognize any of these names and what they have in common:  Henry Fuseli, Brian Eric Huff, John Singleton Copley, Shynelle Marie Mason, Benozzo Gozzoli, Shawn Phillip Bandy, Vincent van Gogh, and Earl Lavelle White?

I’m not willing to bet my pension that you do.

One thing for sure, some of these people will never be forgotten. Most won’t get public recognition for the names. They’re cops. Hard working, conscientious cops who will be treasured for generations to come for their contributions to society.

Sure, the beauty of their contributions won’t be displayed on the walls of galleries, perhaps only in the heart and souls of their children and family members left behind.

And unfortunately some of them and their family members will be devalued and squished by a menacing financial train of continued abuse by the Governor of the State of Michigan, that is, unless this is all challenged.

I do not have the legal ability to stand up single handedly to you or the man that’s pulling the strings. But I have a voice and an opportunity to be heard, so please listen to what I have to say.

I assume that you are a very educated man and far more intelligent than I.

Ira Todd is an investigator for the Detroit Police Department, where he’s worked for 28 years. Before that, he worked two years as a Michigan State Police trooper.

Mr. Orr, it’s just plain wrong. It’s an abuse of power to value assets above lives. If some art needs to be sold so that we, in our retirement, can turn on the heat and eat and live in dignity, well, do it.

Get your priorities straight.

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