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Website, Citizens’ Petition Urges Legislature to Take July 3rd Vote, Choose Leadership Over Partisanship

imagesDan Kildee (MI-05) today launched a new grassroots campaign, “Leadership, Not Partisanship,” calling on Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans to immediately schedule a vote to expand Medicaid in Michigan.

The website, www.leadershipnotpartisanship.com, features a citizens’ petition, where Michiganders can join Kildee in calling on Republican legislators to return from a two-month vacation to immediately take a vote on Medicaid expansion.

“Republicans in state government put extreme partisanship over common sense leadership, choosing to leave on a two-month vacation instead of doing the work of the people. That’s shameful,” Kildee said in an email to Michiganders today. “Join me in calling on Gov. Snyder and Senate Republicans to come back to Lansing on July 3rd and vote to expand Medicaid in Michigan.”

Despite the Republican-controlled Michigan House of Representatives voting overwhelmingly to expand Medicaid by a 76-31 vote earlier this month, the Senate Republican majority opted to shirk their duties as elected officials and instead take a two-month long vacation, failing to even take an up-or-down vote on the issue. Failing to expand Medicaid denies 450,000 Michiganders health care coverage and actually costs the state of Michigan money.

“While the Republicans are enjoying their vacations, hundreds of thousands of Michiganders are one medical emergency away from potential financial disaster,” the citizens’ petition reads.

Unfortunately, Michigan has fallen behind a majority of states who, under the Affordable Care Act, have already acted to expand their Medicaid coverage. States that fail to expand coverage risk losing federal funding to cover individuals eligible for Medicaid.

Kildee has been a vocal critic of Gov. Snyder and Michigan Republicans for failing to expand Medicaid, something the majority of other states have already done. This includes states with Republican Governors and GOP-led legislatures, including most recently Arizona. Gov. Snyder, who announced his support for Medicaid expansion on Feb. 6, 2013, has so far failed to lead his own party to pass the common sense legislation.

Visit www.leadershipnotpartisanship.com for more information and to sign the petition.

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