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Tuesday I [Rev. Dr. William Barber II] was released from jail along with other concerned activists in Raleigh — our civil disobedience was to bring light to the egregious legislative changes targeting the most vulnerable in North Carolina. Today it is North Carolina — tomorrow, it may be your state. I’m calling upon people of goodwill for help.

The North Carolina State House just passed a bill requiring identification to vote but prohibiting the use of private college IDs as an acceptable form of identification. It’s the first of several new laws the state legislature is trying to enact to restrict voting rights for people of color, as well as young, disabled, and elderly voters.

Defend voting rights in North Carolina. Will you be one of the people who takes a stand against voter suppression?

Stand with minority communities, young people, the disabled, and the elderly in North Carolina.

It’s not a presidential election year, but the forces behind these voter suppression bills aren’t taking any time off. They are busy in North Carolina — and in other states — trying to make it harder for people in our communities to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

North Carolina is where our fight begins in 2013. In addition to the aforementioned bill, they are also trying to codify incompetence restrictions, student poll taxes, and further restrictions on early voting and voting for formerly incarcerated individuals into law.

North Carolina NAACP is already mobilizing — and that’s why we were arrested for peacefully protesting this bill. Join our effort so other states don’t use North Carolina as an example in their attempts to violate the Constitution in the name of “voter protection.”

WRAL TV reported part of the protest:

Are we going to let that happen? I don’t think so. Join me in standing up to voter suppression in North Carolina:


Thank you,

Rev. Dr. William Barber II
NAACP North Carolina State Conference

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