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Boys who beat up girl on a bus get in-school detention

ROCKWOOD, Mich. (WJBK) – Family members say a red, swollen eye was the first sign of trouble when 9-year-old Kayla got off the school bus.

The 3rd grader says two boys beat her up on the way home from school Tuesday, pinning her arms and legs and covering her mouth when she tried to scream.

Kayla: “One pressed his fist up against my ear, the other hit me in the eye.”

kayla’s little brother rides the same bus and says he witnessed the attack but when family members reported the incident to the school principal, they say the two boys got an in-school detention and were kept off the playground for 2 days as punishment.

They say Kayla also got detention because the principal wasn’t sure who was telling the truth.

Kayla: “The principal kept saying you must have done something.”

Kayla’s Grandmother: “It’s not fair that Kayla got detention for reporting that she was held down by two boys.”

Kayla, who’s family moved here from Tennessee last year, says the same two boys have been picking on her all school year on the playground and the bus, but she didn’t tell anyone what was going on.

Fox 2’s Robin Schwartz tried to call the superintendent for comment but our calls were not returned.  It is spring break now through April 7th. When classes resume, Kayla’s family says she’ll get rides to and from school and will no longer be taking the bus

Not satisfied with the principal’s actions, the family says they went to the superintendent and also filed a police report.

They’re hoping something more will be done to ensure Kayla’s safety and teach the boys involved to stop bullying before things get worse.

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