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Earlier this week — as he was barnstorming the country for Barack Obama — former President Bill Clinton subbed in for the president as Obama flew back to Washington to oversee the country’s response to a major hurricane.

That would seem an appropriate context to ask the question, why hasn’t the most recent Republican President, George Bush, been barnstorming the country for Mitt Romney?

It says a lot that for most Americans this sounds like an absurd question.

Clinton was a major featured speaker at the Democratic Convention. Bush wasn’t even invited to Tampa.

Bush is not campaigning for Romney because he and the policies he implemented are politically radioactive to most American voters.

George Bush is off in political Siberia because the Romney campaign is doing everything humanly possible to prevent voters from realizing that Romney intends to return precisely those same failed Bush policies to the White House if he is elected president next week.


Bush’s go-it-alone, bull in a china closet foreign policy alienated people around the world, stretched the American military and left America weaker. And the pictures of humiliation at Abu Ghraib — his policies of torture and rendition and lack of respect for the rule of law — created recruiting posters for our enemies.

Bush doesn’t campaign for Romney because the Romney campaign has zero interest in focusing the attention of the voters on the fact Romney is surrounded by exactly the same gang of foreign policy advisers that presided over the War in Iraq. In addition they both share the same credentials: Both had zero foreign policy experience before they ran for president.

The fact is that if you liked the War in Iraq, you’ll love the Romney foreign policy. So for the next six days, every time you hear about Bill Clinton campaigning for President Obama, let that be a reminder of the guy you won’t see out their campaigning for Mitt Romney.

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The choice is clear. If you liked the way things were going under George Bush, vote for Mitt Romney. But if you want long-term economic growth, if you believe in defending the middle class, if you don’t want to go back to the policies of George Bush — vote to reelect President Barack Obama.
Robert Creamer is a long-time political organizer and strategist, and author of the book: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, available on Amazon.com. He is a partner in Democracy Partners and a Senior Strategist for Americans United for Change. Follow him on Twitter @rbcreamer.

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