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Debates MOVE polls! Recent polls are showing a major shift in the presidential race, and a block of 5 states that Barack Obama had been counting on to win the presidential election have now shifted and the gap between Obama and Romney in these states is now within the margin of error. These 5 states account for a total of 70 Electoral Votes.

This is extraordinarily important – and here’s why: if we can win just 3 of these 5 states, it is virtually impossible for Barack Obama to win re-election. We are calling this OPERATION LIGHT BLUE!

The 5 states (and the Electoral Votes for each state) are:

Pennsylvania: 20 Electoral Votes

Two new polls are out in Pennsylvania. One has Romney down just 3%, and the other poll has it even closer, with Romney trailing by only 2%.

Ohio: 18 Electoral Votes

Four new polls are out, and two of them have Obama with a small lead, but now 2 new polls show Mitt Romney with 1% lead!

Michigan: 16 Electoral Votes

What had once been a 12%-14% advantage for Obama is now down to just 3% according to brand new polls.

Wisconsin: 10 Electoral Votes

The new PPP poll released this week shows Obama’s lead is now down to just 2%

Iowa: 6 Electoral Votes

The new Rasmussen Reports poll released this week has Obama’s lead now down to just 2% here as well.

These states are all contiguous, and they are all states that Obama had been counting on for his “win” column, with the possible exception of Ohio which they had considered a pure toss-up state.

Today there are 2 rallies in Michigan today:

Day 24: Monday, October 29th

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