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A woman is murdered and the only witness to the crime is missing. Danny Cavanaugh, a white cop raised in Detroit’s inner city gets the seemingly routine case. He soon uncovers a conspiracy that reaches from the ravaged streets to the pinnacle of power. Detroit’s mayor, a young, brash and arrogant politician assigns Chief of Police Tony Hill (Cold Medina) to back Danny off the investigation but not before provocative text messages between the mayor and the dead girl are uncovered, drawing suspicion and causing a political and media firestorm. The sex-laced missives lead Danny to more incriminating evidence and give political enemies evidence for criminal charges against the controversial mayor. Jesse King (Double Dead) prosecutes the case and the mayor hires Danny best friend, defense attorney Marshall Jackson (Supreme Justice) to stave off a municipal coup d’etat in the embattled city. Danny runs the case’s twisted path, chasing shady characters and deadlier killers. Plunged into the dark shadow of urban reality, Danny finds more than murder; he finds Citycide, the death of Detroit. As Danny gets closer to the truth, his life becomes forfeit and everyone he loves hangs in the balance. Pushed to the limit, Danny goes on the offensive, bringing the fight to his enemies. And at his moment of truth, Danny will have to do more than solve the case. He will have to save the life of his beloved city.

From the Author

Some time ago, I wrote a fine little thriller called Supreme Justice. In that book, the hero had a brash, hot-headed friend named Danny Cavanaugh. He was bold, handsome and courageous, a hero himself.

And he died.

It hurt me to write the lines ending his life. It hurt my publisher too, who found a white man with a black soul fascinating.

So Danny was resurrected and I wrote another fine thriller about him, Color Of Justice. It was so fine in fact that a movie studio bought it and they tried to kill him–in development.

I realized that young Mr. Cavanaugh had so much to say and he wasn’t done saying it. Now, I look forward to him speaking on the big screen.

After that novel, I realized that Danny Cavanaugh was an artistic and sociological representation of all men, a creation of his environment and biology, a balance of intellect and instinct, restraint and passion.

This book is a continuation of Danny’s story and more. It brings back faces from past novels and shows how Mr. Cavanaugh was created from them all.

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