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Almost everyone feels stressed these days. It’s a global epidemic. The American Medical Association reports that at least 60 percent of all illness can trace its roots to the negative effects of stress. Stress-related illness is also on the rise in the workplace, with workers’ compensation claims at an all-time high.

In a unique first-of-its-kind collaboration,  top doctors at Harvard Medical School  and Chicken Soup for the Soul Health have combined the healing and therapeutic power of storytelling with practical medical advice in a new series of books. One of the first in the series is Chicken Soup for the Soul: SAY GOODBYE TO STRESS in which Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Jeff Brown provides readers with inspiration and a clear path to reducing stress in their lives, using stories (“medical narratives”) from patients and from his clinical practice.

The healing power of stories has been documented widely, and the medical community is increasingly adding journaling, narrative writing, and other forms of storytelling to therapeutic regimens. Chicken Soup for the Soul: SAY GOODBYE TO STRESS contains more than two-dozen stories from contributors who explain how they manage stress in their own lives. Dr. Brown combines the wisdom in these stories with his own practical, easy-to-follow advice to help readers manage stress, whether it is from everyday life or from life-changing events.

As a noted psychologist, Dr. Brown has seen stress in many forms and has developed simple strategies that work to reduce it. Readers will learn how to manage their emotions and stop being their own worst enemy, how to triumph over tragedy, how to reduce stress in the workplace and at home, how to manage finances sensibly to reduce stress, how to de-stress their lifestyles through sleep and exercise, and even which foods to eat to reduce stress.

Jeff Brown, PsyD, ABPP, is an instructor at Harvard Medical School and has provided expert commentary on psychology topics to numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Woman’s Day magazine, FOX News, Family Circle, Boston Magazine and ABC.com. His expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy has generated insights about stress and stress-related illnesses and how they can affect individuals, families and the workplace.

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