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FROM WIZNATION– Meet 21:03 – a group of young men you must get to know in the music business.

Urban gospel trio 21:03 will appear in Cincinnati this weekend for  Joyfest 2010 at Kings Island on Saturday, June 19th.

Gospel industry colleagues, best friends and brothers in Christ, and namely Jo’rel, Evin and Torrence, were originally handpicked and later creatively nurtured by another famous face in gospel music. Their musical mentor, head of production, contributing songwriter and contemporary worship artist in his own right, J. Moss of the famed Detroit-based production team PAJAM, is one of few who developed a better understanding of their collective vocal gifts in Christ almost to perfection.

Maybe that’s that word we’re looking for today. Perfection. In music, they represent the perfect blend of urban, pop and gospel plus a few additional servings of teen heartthrob R&B. And guess what? It’s all still Black music and music that uplifts the younger Christians.

Knowing that there is no such thing in the kingdom of God besides the Creator being perfect in all His ways, the young men comprised of 21:03 show that perfection can be heard in their voices, their arrangements and their desire to excel for the kingdom.

If you’re wondering what the name means, their moniker embodies their collective fates. Realizing their growth and maturity in their faith and as performers, the brothers of 21:03 soon came to discover that three passages taken from the beginning, middle and the end of the Bible – Genesis, Psalms and Revelation 21:3, respectively – provided a deeper look into their mission.

These same near-prophetic verses reinforced within Jo’rel, Evin and Torrence that their purpose wasn’t to just sing, dance or entertain. Instead, it’s to actually minister and impart truth to anyone with ears to hear. Therefore, allowing the threesome to make a lasting impression if they really held on to God’s unchanging hand.

Speaking of holding on and holding it down, I picked up my copy of 21:03’s most recent project Total Attention released nearly two years ago and rediscovered my love and appreciation for their innovation and growing vocal prowess. Here’s the sleeper hit from the album called “Holding On.” The song further displays that if we hold onto God’s promises, there’s nothing we can’t do. So let’s all keep “Holding On” together. Take a listen and tell me honestly what you think in the comments section below.

For those who are in tune with communication methods amongst the younger generation, try keeping your eyes on these gentlemen and their promising futures via their profile on Twitter (@21o3).

Check out the photo gallery below featuring a look at the budding careers of the members of 21:03. Tell us what you think by posting in the comments section below.

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