Three Freshmen Guards That Deserve More Attention [Opinion]

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When it comes to college basketball this season, there are plenty of freshmen that have taken over the national scene from Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Aaron Gordon. Then when it comes to the freshmen at the guard position you have plenty to choose from like the Harrison Twins (Aaron and Andrew), James Young and of course I have to mention Andrew Wiggins again.

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However, there are three freshmen guards in college basketball right now that I think more fans need to pay more attention too. Those three freshmen guards being Tyler Ennis, Nigel Williams-Goss and Derrick Walton Jr.

Tyler Ennis (Syracuse)

Despite playing for the Syracuse Orange, Ennis remains underrated so far this season. He may be a freshman but he has made his presence known early with Syracuse. He is currently averaging 12 points per game along with five assists and 3 rebounds and two steals per game. He has shown the ability early to create for others but is not afraid to handle the scoring load. While has shown the ability to slash and finish at the rim, he also has the ability to pull the ball out and shoot the three seeing that he is currently shooting 43% from three. Then on the defensive side of the ball, he is very quick and discipline which makes him an even better prospect in my opinion. Now I know it’s still early in the season but that doesn’t change the fact that this young man deserves some more attention.

Nigel Williams-Goss (Washington)

When it comes to Williams-Goss, you’re talking about a true point guard. Meaning he is the type who can make others around him better despite the talent level around him but he is more than capable of leading a team in scoring if needed. However, right now he is a pass first point guard currently averaging  five assists a game but don’t be fooled he can also take over the scoring reins when needed. He is currently averaging 13 points per game but what I love most about his game is the little things. As a point guard he isn’t afraid to go into the paint and rebound with the big boys seeing that he is averaging four rebounds a game. Then on the defensive side, he is very quick and tenacious, racking up two steals per game. He may be a freshman but his future is very bright, especially if he is able to improve his three-point stroke.

Derrick Walton Jr. (Michigan)

When it comes to Walton, I believe his stats can be deceiving to the average eye of a fan. He is currently averaging eight points per game along three assists and three rebounds per game. However, when watching and evaluating him, you have to look beyond the stats. Walton has the ability to get hot from the perimeter or take defenders off the dribble. While most will look at his stats and think he is a scorer, I’m here to remind you that he has good court vision and he definitely knows how to make others around him better.  Fans have to stop expecting him to be the next Trey Burke. Walton isn’t Burke, Walton is Walton, simple as that. He is also a freshman, who is learning how to lead a young Michigan team in competitive environment. As Walton get’s more comfortable with his teammates and the system, you will see him flourish even more along with the Wolverines as whole. So if your band-wagon fan, I encourage you to jump on Walton’s band-wagon now.

Written by LBeasley, Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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