Whether East Detroit or East Dearborn Heights, the Call is for Justice!–Detroit NAACP

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bildeThe relentless plague of senseless violence and the thoughtless reactions from some community residents, is indeed a human tragedy for us all. Violence, guns, and unnecessary deaths are destroying the very fabric of our society. Most recently, the unfortunate and premature death of 19 year old Renisha McBride in the city of Dearborn Heights, is a case in point. It appears this young woman was merely seeking help following a car accident as her cell phone went dead. After knocking on a neighbor’s door, instead of being aided in the situation or police called for an investigation, she was shot fatally in the head. Have we become a society where we are no longer our neighbors’ keeper? This shooting must be investigated at every level. Following the lead of the Dearborn Heights Police Department and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, we must bring to justice any person found guilty of this tragedy. This death appears to be an overreaction to a young woman in need of help. Was this a racial profiling? Was this shooting warranted when the evidence indicates that Ms.McBride had no weapon, created no disturbance, Barbershop-shooting-victims-jpgthreatened no break-in, or demonstrated no disrespect to the household in question? So before anyone tries to invoke the issue of “stand your ground”, let us first of all stand on the facts. Since when has knocking on the door for help due to car trouble provided the justification to commit a deadly offense?


At the same time we are outraged over the tragic shootings at Al’s Place Barber Shop on Detroit’s Eastside. Nine people being shot on a Wednesday, is an outrageous misfortune any day. Three persons were killed in what was reminiscent of the gangster-like days of Al Capone and his crew. When has going to the barber shop to get your hair cut become a justification for getting your life cut off? Losing at dice is still no reason to lose your life. We as a community are compelled to address these issues devastating our neighborhoods. The disregard for human life and the callous insensitivity for children, women, and the elderly should leave us all demanding more from ourselves and those who enforce the law. Our streets must be taken back. Criminals should not be given a safe haven. Nor is there any nobility in keeping silent when evil is on the loose.

We call upon the Detroit Police and the Wayne County Prosecutor to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice, and hold them accountable for their deadly deeds. While the families cannot be made whole due to their personal loss, they can be given justice in the attempt to address their personal needs. Justice must prevail regardless of what community has been violated. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “an injustice to anyone anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


For more information on the Detroit Branch NAACP please call (313) 871-2087 or visit www.detroitnaacp.org

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